Jip van der Velde

Product Designer

10+ years of product design experience, from concept to production. Designed the original version of Apple News. Leading design for multiple startups bringing over a dozen products to market used by over 100 million people.

Lugg - Shopping and delivered same day

Year: 2019

Lugg Shop is a quick and easy way to find all furniture that is available to be delivered the same day. With the best products from popular brands where people love to shop, furnish your whole home from within the Lugg app. Relying on their trusted delivery partner: Lugg. I led the entire process from ideation until the end-product used by thousands of enthusiastic customers only nine months after project origin.

Lugg - Move anything, anywhere, anytime

Year: 2019

Used to schedule over a million moves across the United States. I led the art direction, respecting the brand, creating playful illustrations. All with one goal: making the app as frictionless and yet informative as possible to be in the customer's home sooner and have a real impact through Lugg's excellent movers and service.

Lugg - Mover companion app

Year: 2019

Let movers control everything from finding partners, manage earnings, start & complete moves, and seek assistance while on the job. With a platform as unique and sophisticated as Lugg, it demanded thoroughness and working closely with movers to provide the best experience possible.

Lugg - Fleet management dashboard

Year: 2019

An intelligent dashboard to quickly control the fleet of movers. Designed tailoring precisely to conform to the needs of the internal support team. Maintaining context at all times is essential when switching between views and controlling tasks all in the same window. Shift dashboard provides a glance at the crew, their jobs, and their customers.

Prss - Interactive magazine creation

Year: 2013

Prss was a web-based tool to create magazines for the iPad effortlessly. Based on the technology we created at TRVL, I led the design and built it out to a platform used by major publishers like AOL and others before being acquired by Apple in early-2014.

TRVL - Travel the world from your couch

Year: 2012

TRVL was one of the first iPad only magazines with over a hundred full-length publications of astonishing destinations with breathtaking photography. I designed the new reader app that seamlessly extended on the premise of immediate satisfaction — a brand-new award-winning app built from the ground up with stacked innovative features.

Various work - Collection of projects

Year: Undefined

A collection of designs done for various companies or projects over the years.

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