Nice to meet you. I'm Jip. ["yip"]

Dutch designer living in San Francisco.

As a kid, I was always busy breaking apart things in and around the house to figure out how it worked. When it was all broken down, I doodled new inventions on paper. My childhood was filled with creating and exploring. That interest in technical understanding and pushing boundaries through creativity is still an essential aspect of my work today.

I finished my first freelance design project back in 2009, at the age of 17. Being self-taught, working from home, I learned early in my career to be very self-motivated and maintain good relationships with clients and stakeholders. After three years of freelance, I landed my first full-time job at TRVL in 2012, where I started as their initial designer — followed by leading design for Prss - which was acquired by Apple in 2014 - to design the first version of Apple News. In 2016 I joined Lugg to be their first and only designer, where I had the pleasure to lead all things design related and master all aspects of the company. After three years at Lugg, I joined to lead the design for their new app CityBook, which launched in January 2020 as a vision project for the future of the company.


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