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Two friendly movers who do the hard, sometimes impossible work while putting the customer at ease throughout the process. The magical moment of the experience is not the app but the actual moving of the customer’s goods. The app is only a gateway to arrive at the customer’s home the fastest.


Ease and transparency

After completing a competitor analysis, I noticed a clear pattern of requiring too much information before successfully scheduling a move. Traditional moving companies required a lengthy phone call, whereas similar startups required moving knowledge or itemized lists of all your moving goods — an unnecessary dreading process with many points of possibly losing the customer.

Lugg’s app had to be simple to maneuver, use short and understandable copy, reduce steps to a minimum, and set the stage to what the customer could expect.

An effortless booking flow with transparent pricing and clear expectations was our big take away. No matter what information you enter, we’ll move that would fit in the truck at an honest price of the actual labor.


Making sure that customers enter their information correctly is key to a successful move. People sometimes would confuse their pickup and destination, sending movers to the wrong address. I worked on improving the flow of setting your locations through the use of polygons to increase success rate positioning pins on POIs, provide smart suggestions on both location and search screen, and make the recommendations contextual based on pickup or destination.


Before I joined, Lugg was a simple form to enter 2 locations, add a photo, and a truck would show up asap. The company just started, so it had to begin somewhere to earn trust. In the years I’ve worked there, I built various features that gave people the confidence that their stuff was in the right hands with Lugg. Select a truck size to match your needs, estimate your final price, follow your movers and your things on the map at all times, and get to know your movers before they arrive.


To make sure the best movers are helping the customers at all times, users review their move after completion. This rating corresponds to the mover’s performance on the platform. Through user research and analyzing the customer feedback, it became clear there was a need to review the movers independently. I introduced a new way for reviewing the movers when your experience wasn’t 5-stars, splitting up both movers and divide the added tip based on the number of stars received.


The Lugg app facilitated over a million moves across the United States. With a strong and loyal customer base, Lugg is becoming the largest on-demand moving and delivery provider in the nation. Some replies from customers using the app:

" The fun part was that you could see the vehicle on the app making all the turns and seeing when they will be arriving. Love love love!!!!! "

" I have used Lugg twice in the past two weeks. This is an amazing service and best-kept secret. The app is just so easy even a 70-year-old can do it!! "

" The app was great, loved the experience and functionality. Love how it estimated the cost and the movers showed up very quickly. "

" Used Lugg twice now, the app is extremely user friendly. So easy to arrange, coordinate, and follow I am so grateful for this service! Thank you! "

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