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OnFleet’s app had many constraints and lots of UI flaws that negatively impacted the experience for customers, movers, as well as the business. Numerous points within the experience could drastically disrupt the flow of completing a move for a customer. Their UI leaves movers in the dark, anxiously awaiting new tasks throughout their day.

Onboarding new movers was a time-consuming process because of the steep learning curve of the OnFleet app.

* Lugg used OnFleet, 3rd party service to operate a fleet and assign and complete tasks.

Reducing the opportunities for human error

When I set out to design this essential part of the business, I went to the mover community. Interviewed and observed their optimal moving experience, both on a task, waiting for a next job, and when they’re not working.

Make it apparent precisely what every button does, clear confirmations between every step, more guidance towards expected behavior for inexperienced movers, glimpse into their day.

No visibility into their day. The display of tasks is missing direction; what do next? Interactions are inconsistent and descriptive. Path to the next steps has different patterns. Complete a move is hard to find based on learned behavior with previous actions.

At a glance, show Luggs scheduled for later in their day. Apparent step-by-step task completion with confirmations to limit unintended continuation. Display a preview of the next actions and expectations before ending a step. Added various new features to streamline the moves for both movers and users.

Building consistent excellence

With well over a thousand active movers, Lugg has many cultural backgrounds and a countless variety of personalities. This broad diversity results in inconsistency in communication towards the customer. Providing suggested communication one tap away gives more control of the messages that they send — creating a single truth for the language in the outgoing correspondence.

Managing the quality of all those movers is hard, and having the tools to check up on their performance while on the job and backlog every step they take is essential. Providing the instruments and information to move any item successfully is vital to the quality.


Prioritizing priority

A priority system makes sure the most reliable movers are on the road, maintaining the highest overall customer experience possible. After every move, customers review the movers. This rating directly impacts their priority, which in turn defines their pay and ability to work. Being transparent towards the movers on their performance and the data points looked at to judge their ability is essential.

In the past, movers were quite uncertain about what their priority meant and how they can move up, which made it harder to convince the importance of the system to them. The movers finally got the tools to understand how their rating is measured, improve based on the customer feedback to become a better mover, and when they’ll move up in priority.


Know what you make, when you make it

Being dependent on Lugg for your entire income, as many movers on the platform are, it’s crucial precisely knowing what’s coming in. I designed comprehensive earnings screens indicating real-time while moving and after when your day ends, how much they’re making, and how they’re making it.


Create an engaged community

Unhappiness within the community tangles down to the customer and directly impacts the company’s growth and sustainability. Therefore I spent the time to create a few great features that increase engagement with the community and the individual’s role within the company. 

It needed to be catchy and empowering to the movers. On the rating screen, show statistics based on their completed moves in a competitive way, engaging them with other movers. On the profile screen, funny little facts make the movers feel recognized for their time at Lugg.

By showing excellent behavior, completing moves, and getting high customer ratings, the movers can receive financial rewards. Increased mover retention, boosted mover happiness, and raised overall customer ratings — all at a minimum investment from the company.


Get it in the hands

The new app is brought to the mover community gradually to measure and test users’ adoption of the designed features and get learnings before releasing the redesigned flow to the whole platform.

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