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Before we launched the Lugg Shop, over 60% of the business came from deliveries through store partners, which followed almost always the same model: drive to a store like IKEA, buy their items, request a Lugg to have it delivered same-day.

A phenomenal source of growth, but how can we make that better, more predictable, and more effortless.

This is why I explored ways we could make the customers’ trip to the stores a thing of the past. Give customers a way to buy items from the brands they already frequently shop without having to get up from the comfort of their sofa.

At that point, we had well over 200,000 happy customers using Lugg for their moves and deliveries, and our user surveys showed there is a significant percentage of shoppers who’d be interested in buying furniture online with same-day delivery. That’s when I started to conceptualize how to sell furniture ourselves and own the complete browse, buy, deliver experience.

Offer popular products from IKEA, West Elm, and other brands that are loved by Lugg’s customers. Combine that with the quick and reliable delivery service Lugg already provided.

Analyze, generalize, and automate

Based on intelligent technology built internally, we were able to collect live inventory for all stores in the supported area. This enabled us to offer thousands of products available for same-day delivery across multiple brands, all within a single app. However, every brand had its personalized conventions and systems. Without any modifications, this would have caused inconsistencies when displaying items from different stores side by side and made it harder to compare cross-brand.

Together with the CTO, I built a system that would, with little set up for each brand, automate the generalization of products and conventions into our Lugg system. Convert all unconventional varieties of colors, sizes, measures, and more into our one-size-fits-all system.

Because of this work, we automatically made it possible to search for single understandable keywords across multiple brands, no matter their personalized naming conventions. It even enables customers to filter on product colors across thousands of products.

Browse, buy, repeat

At Lugg, I always strived to get the highest customer satisfaction possible by making likable, simple to use products. With Lugg Shop, it was no different. Falling in love with a piece of furniture, ordering it, and have it delivered to your home, should take no more than four taps. From the start of the project, the goals have always been confidence and immediate satisfaction.


The magic shouldn’t stop after ordering your new furniture. We wanted to recreate the experience customers loved when moving with Lugg into the way they shop with Lugg. Always know where your items are at all times is a vital part of Lugg’s success. Therefore it had to be an essential part of the order status as well.


Natural brand co-existence

With Lugg Shop, I designed a framework that respects the Lugg interface while celebrating the stores’ brand and colors. With infinite different options of displaying furniture, the experience had to be consistent, yet honoring the brands’ style.

Through user testing and user feedback, we noticed a higher spike in customer trust and willingness to purchase through the recognition of their favorite brands by emulating their look & feel on dedicated branded shops.


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